Thursday, December 01, 2011

Did anyone else see the sunrise this morning?

We almost bailed on the run this morning. Glad we didn't. It was totally worth it for this sunrise. Plus I never regret going, its just getting there that is hard sometimes.

It has been a fun week.

My baby is turning into a little girl!

Isabella's friend Elle is becoming a big sister soon and her Mama hosted a big sister cookie party for her one night this week.

Isabella loves sweets, just like me, and loved her cookie.

Her hand is blurry, but it has a wad of green icing in it. Danielle has done so many fun things to help prepare Elle for becoming a sister. I will have to remember them! Which, let me clarify, I'm not pregnant. I was talking to someone this week about wanting more kids, but enjoying Isabella and also actually sleeping now that we are out of the newborn stage. Someone else was listening in, but not completely, and asked if I had just said we were pregnant. That's how rumors get started people. Not pregnant. Moving on.

I've been watching the weather this week to see if it is going to interfere with some of our weekend fun, and noticed today was going to be warmer than any of the other days in the 10 day forecast, with colder weather coming tomorrow. So, after running several errands today that were no fun for Iz, we derailed from "straight home for nap" to the park.

It was a beautiful day, and I can't get enough of watching my little girl laugh, and bravely toddle around doing her Frankenstein walk.

We could have stayed much longer, but nap was calling. She was so sad to leave.

Tonight Isabella had her first build-a-bear experience with her Nana and cousin Ryan.

She was quite intrigued by the whole 'stuffing of the bear' part.

She came home with a penguin to match her Christmas penguin jammies.

We came home and got her ready for bed and had her unwrap a book now that it is December 1st. I am wrapping up Christmas books for her to open one each day until Christmas. She didn't really rip open many gifts at her birthday so I was interested to see what she would do. She didn't get it at first, but after Michael tore a piece of the paper, she took the package and made this face like she was the hulk and ripped it open. It was too cute, and I wish I'd had my camera ready.

I can't believe it is December 1st. I saw a facebook status today that said "alright! december 1st. we'll cram dozens of activities in this month all for a kid who will have no memory of any of them." And I had to laugh. So true. But we will be making memories and starting traditions!

I'm ready for the weekend! Happy Friday Eve!

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