Monday, December 19, 2011

Downtown adventures

For a couple of years we have gone downtown with my dad to the Crystal Bridge. The admission is free on Sundays in December.

We got downtown a little early, so we walked around the canal.

Hi Papa!

There was a lot for Isabella to see inside with the lights, carolers, water falls, and plants.

My sister, the cooking wizard, brought me some of her homemade marshmallows. YUM!

Isabella checking out the lights with Uncle David.

Headed home.

And on our way out we came upon this great chair.

Isabella was much happier in it than with a scary Santa!

Merry Christmas!
I had a small list of Christmas adventures for us to go on this year, and we have done almost all of them.
One more day of work for Michael! I still have some gifts to buy, baking to do, presents to wrap, and lazy pajama family days to have.

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