Thursday, December 15, 2011

My sunshine

I have some friends who say people only tell the bad stories about their kids and it makes it very discouraging for those on the fence about having kids. So here is my favorite story from this week:

At one of my showers, my sister made advice cards for people to fill out and she put them in a book for me. One of my favorites said "Give her cuddles and sing the same song every night before bed. It will be SO amazing the first time she sings along with you". So every night I sing "You are my sunshine", as we rock before naps and bedtime. One day this week, I said "Isabella it is time to go night-night." And she went and picked up her blanket, came over and held up her arms to me, gave me a hug and started saying "shine-shine, my shine-shine." (Which is how she says sunshine). She is nowhere near singing the whole song with me, but it was very sweet.

Now, I wont tell you about what happened for the two hours following, because it would ruin this being a sweet story about how great having kids is! ;)

Even with the not-so-great-parts, I think being a parent is the best!


  1. you stole my song :) Liv still hasn't sung it with me yet but she does sing Jeezy Bible So with me (her rendition of Jesus loves me)! But yeah she hasn't been napping so let's not talk about that and ruin your nice post on parenting!

  2. I love her too! I'm so glad Michael got to bring her to work yesterday! Merry Christmas!