Sunday, December 04, 2011

Friday adventures

Friday Heather and I got together for our "2nd Annual pioneer woman cinnamon roll make and freeze fest". I just made that name up.

This year we decided to forgo the maple flavoring and use vanilla instead.

We now have delicious cinnamon rolls in our freezer ready to go for later this month. YUM!

The girls were a little wild during all of this.

But they looked cute in their matching pjs that we both picked up last year on clearance without knowing the other got them too.

Wild. "Don't take my picture mom! I'm in the middle of trying to do something you asked me not to do!" We went with it and had fun anyway. This is our season of life. :)

We also molded these birds out of clay to make these birds from a tutorial Heather had seen. We were both happy they actually look like birds as crafts I try many times don't work out.

Friday night we bundled up and headed out to dinner and the Orr Family Farm with Michael's parents.

Isabella checking out the goats with Daddy.

Isabella spots Santa.

Checking him out, but not sure.

I'd rather give him a high 5 than sit on his lap.

We went on a hay ride and a train ride around the farm.

They had the farm all decked out with lights for Christmas.

One thing to know is that the train & hay rides just run at certain times, so if you are particularly wanting to do one or the other go around that time, or you will have to wait. And your child will be VERY sleepy by the end. Thanks for a fun evening Nana and Cappy!

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  1. love the made you made up, hopefully it will be a cherished tradition for many years to come! we ate our first batch all weekend! so good!