Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Here is some of what I've been up to lately:

This past rainy Monday, Beth and I made paper snowflakes. It was my first time to make some. It seems like that should be an elementary school graduation requirement!

I strung them on some green ric rac.

I had a photo I wanted to make an ornament out of so I started looking online. But the ones I looked at online were $12-30 and I wanted several. So I thought I would try to make some. I found these clear ornaments at Michael's for .79. Then I just added some glitter, photo with cardstock on the back, and a string to hang!

I made a snow globe for a gift card that I'm giving. I'd seen this on a website and gave it a try.

I decided to make some more cinnamon rolls to give as gifts. Who doesn't like some ready to go cinnamon rolls in the freezer? (Except the ones that I baked a bit too long!)

And lastly, I'd seen some jars like these from Anthropologie for $25 or so. I saw someone had made some on pinterest and gave them a try. I still need to find a large mason jar to use and add a little more snow.

That's it. My next project needs to involve wrapping up our gifts. One step at a time!

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