Wednesday, December 28, 2011

(And yes, I made a wish)

In my twenties I:
-Graduated with my bachelors degree
-Got married
-Moved 6 times
-Bought a house
-Graduated with a masters
-Got my Marriage and Family Therapy license
-Traveled to: California, South Padre (many times), Chicago, Arizona, the Grand Canyon, Florida, Pennsylvania, NYC(x2), Belize, Mexico, Austria (x2), Czech Republic, London (x2), France (x2), Switzerland (X2), Germany, Italy (x3), and got to take Michael to Australia to see where I lived my childhood and meet many dear friends.
-had a baby
-started a private practice

Of course many other things happened- new friends I've made, old friends I've loved, I lost grandparents, read many books, learned how to cook, cried many times, laughed many times, but that is just a list of some of the major milestones. My twenties were full of many experiences and numerous blessings. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father, family, and dear friends that make my life so rich. I'm excited to see what the next decade holds!

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  1. Happy Birthday Dear Friend! Can't wait to celebrate with you!!