Sunday, December 11, 2011


How lucky am I that I get to spend my days with this sweet girl?!

I came out of the bathroom one day this week to see Isabella doing this. The broom is huge and awkward for her, but she has been sweeping several times this week! I'm going to have to find her a kid size one. I am loving starting to see her in imitative play!

We went to Smashburger Friday night. It was delicious!

Isabella kept pointing at my ketchup and wanting to dip her fries in it. I love it, so I let her. Then she moved from dipping fries to dipping her fingers in it to eat it.

I can't blame the girl, we use lots of ketchup around here.

We hung out with our friends the Andersons.

Beth makes the best spaghetti!

Isabella enjoyed playing with Milo's felt Christmas tree.

I need to figure out how to make her one!

She loved trying my peppermint chocolate chip milkshake.

She finally let Michael get his finger in her mouth and he could feel molars coming in both sides on the top of her mouth. She woke up crying every 20-30 minutes last night. That was awesome. She is also so congested now she can't breathe well. This always seems to happen when she has teeth coming in. We were all tired and spent as much time as we could resting today.

A favorite Christmas decoration.
Michael's Mema made this Christmas tree 26 years ago. I put it in our room on the dresser every Christmas. It makes it feel cozy.

I had plans to run this afternoon with my cousin. But after terrible sleep last night, the cold, and light rain I was not feeling it.

So I indulged in the runner's drink of Champions right before heading out the door. Just a few sips to pump me up. Probably not the best choice, but I'm not the most serious runner...


  1. Smash burger is awesome!! I am impressed you went running and that pre-run drink is something I can totally relate too, I hope both our houses settle down soon!

  2. How is it that they grow so fast? I love the sweeping!! She needs to teach Blake how to do that! :)