Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Slow down

How is it really the last day of January? This month has flown by!
And all the time Isabella seems a little more little girl rather than baby. I think if she could say the phrase "I can do it myself" she would be saying that more and more.

I caught her in this juggling act the other day. Balancing her purse, drink, and trying to get her baby in the stroller. (Where has she seen that?)

Finally baby is in, bag is secured on her arm...

Time for baby to have a drink.

Slow down, baby girl. She will have years to balance a juggling act of kids, bags, snacks, home, relationships, work, school, etc. Isn't that what we women do? Sometimes I feel like my balls are juggling well, and other times they are dropping everywhere. I've done pretty well at accomplishing the goals I wanted to in January, and I enjoyed some down time too.
I will continue juggling through February, with 9 days of travel scheduled so far for our family!! A fun trip for me, and some work trips for Michael. I can get overwhelmed sometime looking too far ahead. So today I have tried to focus just on today.

We enjoyed a quiet breakfast at panera, followed by reading our favorite books and morning nap.

And it has been such a gorgeous day.

We headed to the zoo this afternoon. I forgot the stroller was in Michael's car.

So we walked

and walked

and walked... on the slowest trek to the giraffes ever. :) She had a great time exploring along the way. I was hoping to see the baby giraffe, but he wasn't out. We did see the new baby okapi.

Isabella said "Hi!! HI!!" to everyone we saw. She was saying hi to someone when I took this picture.

We ended the night eating dinner up at Michael's work with his office.

I love our small college campus by night.

She is growing up, but we still haven't given up the pacifier for sleeping. We will cross that bridge another night.
Goodnight January.

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  1. She is getting big. I love the pictures of her juggling the baby and bag and drink. Too cute!