Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Most Tuesdays Isabella and I go to lunch with my friends Heather and Katie. We all worked together for a couple of years.

After lunch I took Isabella to play at the park.

I can't get over how mild this winter has been so far!

I love spending the day with her.

I had read about some restaurants participating in downtown week. Here is the explanation from the website: "each participating restaurant will create special prix-fixe menus, featuring limited-time, 3-course dinners". I thought it sounded like a good chance to try a new place AND we had just received our first disbursement of the earnings from the ads on Michael's blog so we decided to use that to go out on a nice date. It's not like he will be quitting his job over it, it was just enough to cover our meal, but it was fun to have the meal paid for. I don't think either of us could have ever predicted that his blog would become what it has, but I'm proud of him for creating something he is passionate about. He receives an email almost every day from someone thanking him, sharing their experiences with their dad, or telling him how its made a difference in their life.

Heather and David came over to stay with Isabella and we headed out to dinner as it began to rain. We enjoyed a great dinner, were able to completely finish all our sentences, and we only had to worry about feeding ourselves. Sometimes its the little things... :)

My chocolate and salted caramel tart with a sugar haystack

Big thanks to the Roberts for staying with Iz and getting her ready for bed so we could have a dinner out together and come home to a clean baby all ready for bed! Weekend dates are better sometimes because you don't have as many responsibilities the next day, but week night dates are fun because they are a different change of pace in the middle of the week.
I loved the rain last night and hearing it fall on our home as we went to sleep! Happy Wednesday!

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