Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Wednesday and 15 Months

Isabella turned 15 months on 12/23 and I forgot to post her pictures.

She changed so much in a year's time, it really has been amazing. She is trying to say new words all the time, walking so well, and developing lots of personality.

She has 8 teeth, and at least 5 more cutting in, that I can see. This has resulted in her being as pictured above or wild and cranky some over the past few weeks. Her bottom gums are hugely swollen where both of her molars are coming in, but still haven't cut through the top. Hurry up teeth!

Our Christmas break came to a screeching halt today with Michael leaving at 4:45AM on a business trip for the next three days. It was so wonderful being together as a family for the last two weeks. We went out and did fun things, stayed in in our pajamas, watched Christmas movies, and had lots of yummy breakfasts together. My one "regret" is that we never watched Home Alone. That being the case, I would have to say all in all it was a great break. :) It will be an adjustment getting used to being on my own again, but I'm really grateful for Michael's job, it's flexibility, and time off!

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