Monday, January 16, 2012

high & low

high- Michael was off work today!!

low- shortly after waking up Isabella threw up on the floor in our bedroom

high- we ate a yummy breakfast together

low- Isabella threw up on herself at the table

high- I went to target alone during nap time, browsed quietly with no one (ahem) trying to stand up in the shopping cart or saying "ALL DONE, ALL DONE!"

low- Michael text me Isabella had woken up and thrown up all over her bed

high- Starbucks in target still has the mix to make caramel brulee latte from their holiday drink line and I still had a gift card from Christmas. (Its always a sad day when they run out until next season.)

high- We had lunch together, I went to work for a few hours, work was good, Michael made dinner while I was gone, we ate dinner together.

low- Went out to run errands and Isabella (wait for it...) threw up all in her car seat.

high- Rented a movie to watch as Isabella was really tired and would be ready to go to bed early.

low- Got Isabella to sleep...she woke up 10 minutes later crying...because (you'll never guess), she threw up in her bed again...

low- so much laundry!

high- YAY! For my super cheap new homemade laundry soap!

high- Yay for such nice weather today that we can have the windows open to blow out the smell of vomit.

Ugh. So tired of throw up. She just has so much mucus that she keeps choking on which is causing the gagging---->throwing up. Michael goes to Dallas tomorrow for the day and evening, so let's hope tomorrow goes better. And I'd say that's enough talk about throw up for one day. The end.


  1. I can almost smell the vomit.... Here's hoping she yaked it all up and tomorrow is much better!

  2. i'm sorry about the lows of your day, but i like how you did this post. i hope isabella feels better!