Friday, January 20, 2012


I'm hanging out in a hotel room in Dallas with a sleeping baby while Michael is working. I had a chance to upload some pictures from my camera from this week.

We had some glo sticks that we thought would be fun to let Isabella use in the bath.

It freaked her out having the light out...Maybe we'll try again in a few years.

Totally not sure about all of that...

I was looking for some pictures to put in a 'who loves baby' picture book, Isabella has and realized I don't have many picture of Isabella with her Grandparents. I want to take more.

I got this one of Isabella reading with her Papa on Tuesday night when we were at my parents' house.

We still keep Ava at our house on Wednesdays. It is still amazing to me how much the girls have changed in a year. When we first started Ava was crawling and Isabella still wasn't even rolling over. Now they walk, talk, play, imitate, eat different food, and every week it seems they are doing something new!

Sweet friends

At one point they both wanted to get in the chair in Isabella's room. Then they wanted a blanket, and then books.

And then they jabbered on to each other with a bunch of unintelligible words, pointing at the pages in the books. I wondered if they knew what the other's babbling meant. :)

I'm glad we could join Michael for this weekend, even though he is working some, so we can still be together. Glad the weekend is here! Happy Friday!

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  1. I love those pics of them with the books! so sweet! Happy weekending!!