Saturday, January 14, 2012

Some scenes from our week


She's learning how to use a spoon to feed herself.

It's a work in progress. :)


Picking up some things at Whole Foods.

Loving bath time


Isabella's Christmas tree was the first decoration to go up, and the last to go down. I hated to take it down, but was ready to have the space back on her dresser. During her nap I strung these valentine heart lights my Mom got her last year. She was impressed when she woke up!

It snowed Wednesday night, so Thursday Isabella saw her first snow of the season- what was left of it anyway.


Holding hands on our way home from dinner at Smashburger

Friday night movie. Some day we hope to have a sectional, but its just not possible in our current house. So we pushed our couch and love seat together to watch our movie because we are fun like that.


Appetizers at my girls lunch at Victoria's pasta in Norman. YUM!

Playing at home Saturday afternoon.

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