Sunday, January 22, 2012

Saturday in Dallas

Saturday morning we ate breakfast in the hotel, then Michael left for work for a few hours. Isabella had her morning nap, and when Michael got back we headed out to NorthPark mall. It is one of my favorite malls! So many great stores. We will have to go back again soon when we have more time.

There are also lots of neat design and flower displays. Isabella had fun checking things out.

This is one of my favorites. There is a fountain on one side, and then turtles and ducks swimming on the other.

And since Isabella wasn't eating solids last time, I had to introduce her to Sprinkles Cupcakes this time around.

I'd say she was a fan. (Have I mentioned I love the instagram app on my phone?!)

Waiting for our table at Babes Chicken Dinner House.
We had been hearing the legend of Babes leading up to this trip from Michael's coworkers, and it was definitely an experience to be had. No menus, you just pick which meat you want from the list the waitress recites then sides are brought to your table family style.

After dinner we hung out at the conference for a while then Isabella and I went back to the hotel for her to go to bed. And after a wild and long bed time, she *finally* went to sleep. And then I took a million pictures of her sleeping trying out different settings on my new camera. But this was just on my phone, again using instagram. Sleeping babies are so sweet, especially when you've had to work hard to get them that way!

It's good to be home. I'm ready to get our home organized and ready for a new week. We are gearing up for a busy, but good week for our family.

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