Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thankful Thursday

My girl was extra cuddly this morning and wanted to just be held and rocked, rather than play. (This was prior to our hour nap battle). She is not always cuddly for long periods of time these days so I was happy to soak in a 20 minute rocking. She wasn't going to sleep or wild with play, she was just happy to be held by me.

During this I was reminded of the many times I sat in her rocker before she was born. I would go in there during the night when I couldn't sleep, in the wee hours of the morning when my body was too uncomfortable to lay anymore, and when I got home from was a frequent ritual. I would sit in there, my favorite place in the house, and "ponder things in my heart". I would stare at the crib graciously purchased for our baby by Michael's parents. I would stare at the bedding lovingly made by my Mom. I would dream of holding my baby and her sleeping in this room marked with love and gifts by so many people who already loved her before she was born. My heart felt so full and I was thankful for so many things.

A year later, looking around her room, while rocking the gift I prayed for, I still feel that fullness in my heart and even more.

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