Monday, August 22, 2011

Pack mule mondays

I posted about our ridiculous amount of bags for our vacation in May.
A few Mondays ago I took this picture of the ridiculous amount of bags we have on Mondays. I work on Monday and this is what comes out the door with us. No wonder it takes me 1/2 of morning nap time to get the bags ready!

Back row: Red bag- My work bag with files, computer, etc. Black bag- breast pump
Middle row: Isabella's nap bag- blanket, lovey, travel sleep sheep & Diaper bag
Front: My purse, My lunch/Dinner bag, Isabella's snack/milk bag

Sure, I could not carry a purse, and put everything in my work bag. The nap bag isn't 100% necessary, but provides some consistency. The pump will go away some day...
I have always liked fun bags, but have never carried this many at one time!

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