Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saturday Snapshots

Headed out for a run

Isabella had her yogurt with Daddy while I was gone

Then it was coffee and donuts for the grown ups in the house

Michael headed out to a meeting. While I was in the bathroom I heard Isabella in the laundry room...I found her like this. Surrounded by cupcake papers and eating one. She looked so cute and busted when I found her, I tried to not laugh too hard.

Afternoon "swim" time!

My MIL called and asked if I wanted to go out for a pedicure. Yes, Please! And Thank you!!

My family met up for dinner in El Reno at our fav onion burger place. Saturday would have been my grandad Hartman's 85th birthday. Hartman's have been eating at Johnnies for 5 generations now.

Our evening ended with the Roberts calling on us with cupcakes from cuppies and joe! (any time they come to visit in the evening they ask if they can come callin' or we call them and say "come callin' on us!").

That wasn't everything we did...just a few snapshots. There were naps, a mini photo shoot for Iz, laundry folded, and so on. It was a good day!

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