Saturday, August 06, 2011

9 Years!

August 3rd was our 9 year anniversary!!

I woke up to breakfast in bed. Michael put a spin on our traditional birthday pancakes, with "anniversary year" pancakes. Served with peach compote and my favorite morning drink. Way to go Michael!

We decided we want to have a tradition of a family anniversary celebration in addition to our couple celebration. We want to impress upon our kids that marriage takes work is worth celebrating. For our family celebration Michael came home from work a little early and we loaded up to go swimming. But as we were driving to the pool, it began raining. Bummer. So we came home and let Iz play in her pool in the backyard for a little bit before we had to get ready for church. After church we had a family fro-yo date. Isabella loved the fro-yo!

For our anniversary date night we went out to Shoguns. YUM!
We enjoyed a delicious meal and were able to talk without one of us feeding or entertaining our sweet baby. :)

The classic onion-fire-tower.

Then we went to see the last HP movie. Here we are with our 3-D glasses.
I loved the 3-D and had to refrain from reaching out and grabbing at the characters/objects that looked like they were right in front of my face. :)
Over dinner we were able to reflect on the past 9 years...things we have gone through, fun things we have done. We decided that in many ways our life was easier before having a child in our family, but life is definitely better with her in our life. Things have changed over 9 years, but I am glad I can honestly say I love my husband even more today than on August 3rd, 2002. Happy 9 years!

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  1. 9 years is certainly worth celebrating! I was just thinking the other day that in pop media/culture, there is little to nothing that makes marriage look desirable or even positive. You guys and others like you show what a joy marriage can be!