Thursday, August 04, 2011

Funding our adventure

I am always inspired by the "We paid cash" series on the money saving mom blog, where people make sacrifices or save creatively for cars, education, trips, etc. So I challenged us to see how much money we could creatively come up with for our vacation to Florida. Here's how we did:

Books sold on amazon: $107.88
Selling an old iPhone that was broken: $58
Clothes consigned: $30
Garage sale: $130
Michael guest preaching: $100
Change from our change jar: $53.47

Total: $479.35

This covered our portion of our 6 night stay at our beach cabin and there was a little left over to go toward food costs. We really value traveling and want to give Isabella more experiences than "things". I love that we were able to trade in things we weren't using anymore to gain an experience and memories that are more valuable to us.

*We are planning a trip in October to NYC to celebrate our 30th birthdays. Michael scored us two free plane tickets so we just need to come up with money for lodging. If you want to come over and shop at my house...everything has a price! :)


  1. That's an awesome idea!!

  2. Nice! Where do you consign clothes?

  3. Ann, I go to Consigning Sisters by Jason's Deli & Dot Wo on 33rd.