Wednesday, August 10, 2011


A few recent pics:

I had some cooking to do the other day, so to entertain Isabella I gave her some cooked noodles to play with. She loved playing with them and was content whipping them around while I got my work done. On another note, how is it that my baby girl looks like she is 5 in this picture! She's changing so fast!

My happy girl

I have been loving her wild post-nap hair. This picture doesn't do the wildness justice!

Her first tractor ride.

Nutella brownies? Yes Please!

Isabella has 4 teeth coming in. (I know, awesome.) So she has been loving chomping on frozen bananas.


She has become even more brave with her mobility skills and I looked up to see this the other morning. YIKES! Watch out world!

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  1. Those Nutella brownies look AMAZING! Also, Isabella is soooooo cute! :)