Saturday, August 20, 2011

I've been quiet this week and not up for blogging. It has been a week of ups and downs. I suppose that is typical life, though. Nothing particularly bad happened this week.

My baby girl has been in pain and not feeling good. She is cutting 5 teeth and has been congested. We've had some cranky, tough days, and some long, tearful nights. And after several days of not getting good sleep it takes a toll.
She has been a Mama's girl this week and I've done lots of rocking, holding, and shushing. I was thrown up on twice. I'm not talking about a little spit up...I mean a bowl full of puke that involved both of us changing our clothes. Lovely. I've been tired and worn out. Her naps were shorter. Which meant my time to be productive was shorter. And I was so tired I napped several times too.

This week we also had fun with friends at the splash park, a fun lunch date, a random Thursday morning browsing of target with friends and Starbucks in hand, dinner with family, a dinner date while daddy was out of town, lots of cuddles, and some laughs. There were many rays of sunshine during our cloudy week.

Tonight was date night for us. Iz was off to play with her buddy Milo and we were off to dinner.

She enjoyed herself...and we did too. Yummy dinner at Cafe 501 and a trip to walmart sans baby. Yep, we live it up! :) On our way home it looked like the sunset was going to be gorgeous so we detoured from home to the lake, in spite of looming bed time.

Isabella enjoyed her first ride on a swing...

And we were right about the sunset being worth the detour. One of my favorite things about Oklahoma!

And while the week was not the easiest or best we've had, I've been grateful many times throughout the week. Grateful for our home, and countless daily blessings. A "rough" week in our life did not include starvation, wondering how to provide for our child, or lack of safety. I know several people who would gladly trade places with our rough times for what they are having to walk through right now.

I'm praying those teeth break all the way through any day now, and our sleep increases. Until then, if you see us and we are looking weary or wild-you'll know why!

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  1. such a sweet picture of her and Milo in the wagon! I hope those teeth come through and this week is smooth sailing!