Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Sunrise at the ocean

Apparently I should have got up to see the sunrise while we were in Padre earlier this summer, because where we were in FL the sun does not rise OVER the ocean. #20 on the list is watch the sun rise over the ocean. Which is why this post is sunrise AT the ocean. I am still counting it toward the list because it was magnificent AND I got up at 5:30 to go see it! Beth braved the early morning with me.

The sun just starting to burst through the sky.

The reflection of the sun on the clouds and ocean made red and orange colors.

Huge storm clouds at sea.

Hard to see, but a rainbow started appearing in the clouds over the ocean.

Daylight breaking.

The rainbow kept getting bigger!


After the sunrise we did our morning run on the beach. By this time the rainbow was stretching out over the land. It was gorgeous! After about a 1/2 mile it began pouring down rain. So we ran back and sipped coffee on the back porch of the cabin, listened to rain, and watched a deer run by. It was a great morning!


  1. One of the most relaxing parts of our trip!