Friday, July 29, 2011

Part of living in a state with four seasons...

Do you guys remember this?

Being bundled up in cozy blankets, living in my UGGS for warmth, sipping hot drinks, eating lots of soup, being stuck at home for 4 days...

And now there is this...

I don't even want to talk about it!

I was reminded this week as I was out and about that the seasons will inevitably change and this heat will move on. At target I saw the back to school signs and products everywhere, Christmas ornaments out at Hallmark, college football and fall clothes in stores...whispers that fall and cooler temps are coming. But, I'm trying to live in right now as time seems to be flying by instead of wishing the days away. I was talking with someone this week about the balance of living in today's moments rather than putting life on hold until we get to that next place in life we are hoping for.
Live it up friends- make your life what it to be! And on that note: It's friday-friday-gotta get down on friday, fun fun fun fun fun-lookin' toward the weekend!

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