Monday, July 25, 2011

A week by the sea

We spent a few days driving and a week at our favorite beach with friends last week. We had a great time and made lots of lasting memories. Our days mostly consisted of coffee and breakfast, playing with our babies, watching our babies play together, then morning nap, beach time, lunch, napping again for the babies and napping/reading/shopping for the grown ups, dinner, smores, talking, and laughing.
The forecast was showing rain every day so I was hoping we wouldn't be rained out every day. But it only rained a couple times during the day, and just for short periods of time. Unfortunately the rain out at sea did wash up loads of seaweed a couple of days turning the water into a nasty green algae mess that no one wanted to swim in. Luckily for those days there were books to be read and an outlet mall close by. Isabella did not care too much for the beach on our trip in May, but she loved swimming in the water this time. Hopefully she is now converted to a beach baby!
My favorite things were: seeing the dolphins swimming, a fancy smancy grilled cheese from an adorable airstream trailer in Seaside, swimming with my baby in the ocean, smores, the quiet of our cabin, running with Beth, the fried shrimp I had on my date with Michael, watching the sunrise, and lots of family and friends time.

#9 Our cabin at Grayton Beach State Park. Nothing fancy about the cabins, but they were peaceful, clean, and had everything we needed. There was no TV, no wireless internet...and I think those are good things to take a break from.

Isabella and Milo had quite the set up at the beach between their shade tent and little pool with an umbrella. All they needed was someone to bring them drinks with umbrellas in them and they would have been set!

Out on a date with my hot husband. We tried a new place called Shorty's. It was way loud and not the best for a date where you actually want to talk to the person you are with, but I did have the best fried shrimp I have ever eaten! I would order it to go next time.

At the beach with my girl

Family picture night

Goodbye Grayton Beach...we will be back again!

It is always a tough transition coming back from a week of vacation and 24 hours a day of time together. I always miss Michael when we go back to spending our week days apart. I am so grateful we had the time together.


  1. Oh my goodness--it looks like you guys had such a great trip! :) Glad you're back safely!!

  2. Looks like a wonderful trip! I love the little pool with Milo and Isabella playing!