Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thankful thursday musings

The moon is full and gorgeous tonight. While I was running I saw it rise and change from a golden yellow to a bright white. My cousin was meeting me to run and I'm glad I had someone counting on me because I was not feeling it tonight. I felt like rubbish after a gross salad I ate. Too bad it didn't gross me out until after I had eaten most of it. Salads shouldn't make you feel gross...they just shouldn't.

Today was a good day. We played at home, we played with friends, we ran errands for our vacation, we visited Michael at work, I went out for dinner with my book was a full day. I sat to write my thankful thursday post, stinking from my run and ready to head for bed when I got a text from a friend. The kind of text that makes you feel like something is very wrong. I tried to wait patiently for the response to my reply. Waiting. Waiting. Then a tearful call came that her mother's cancer is back. The doctor used the phrase "incurable- except by God". I am shocked and again reminded how quickly our lives can turn and an ordinary Thursday becomes a defining moment that changes everything.

While I am thankful for an abundance of things today, my mind is caught in fear and with rapid prayers. The kind of prayers that are a constant repeat of the same thing. The pleading kind. I am asking God to move in a big way tonight.

-I am thankful for sweet friends.

-I am thankful for bright blue eyes.

Isabella tries her first orange.
-I am thankful for the gift of new experiences and watching them through my daughter's eyes.

-I am thankful for my profession and colleagues I share an office with.
We recently moved to a bigger space. I love this plague in one of the offices. I love stories. It interesting the way people tell their stories. Some stories come bursting forth as if the person cannot bear to hold it in for another second. Other stories come out slowly, over time, piece by piece, as trust and time allow. I am struck by the dichotomy that exists of how both pain and healing can come through spoken words.

-I am thankful for grace and forgiveness.
-I am thankful for a Godly, kind husband.

Isabella at the farmer's market.
-I am thankful for my baby who has given me a greater glimpse into God's love for his children.
-I am thankful that although life on earth is unpredictable, that God is always good.

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