Thursday, July 07, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I can't believe it is Thursday again! That means it is time for another Thankful Thursday post!
A few things I have been thankful for this week are:

*Clean water
*Isabella's determination
*Encouragement from a friend
*Unexpected rain
*Getting to talk to my parents while they are overseas
*A husband that cooks, and cooks well!
*How much joy Isabella's smile gives me and the strangers we meet when we are out.
*Long holiday weekends
*and last but not least... I found the pearl earring! It was under the glider in Isabella's room. I now *vaguely* remember going back there before the trip to the living room to grab her pacifier. It must have slipped out of my hand then and fallen by the chair. I did receive a lovely email from the good people of tiffany who would have replaced the one earring rather than buying a set. They were so nice, it almost made me want to go have breakfast there.

How big is Isabella?

So BIG! :)

How is that face for some joy?!

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