Wednesday, July 27, 2011

10 months

Isabella had her 10 month birthday while we were on vacation. So she didn't have her zebra/chair picture until a few days after. Close enough, right?

It is getting harder to keep her in the chair now that she wants to move all the time.

I love this look on her face!

Her favorite food right now is yogurt. She has it for breakfast every morning.

Now that she is mobile I find her in all sorts of different positions in her crib.

Her sweet toes peeking out under our morning read...she still curls her toes a lot.

This month she began pulling up on things, and can now pull herself into a standing position. But she is still pretty wobbly. Some of her other new skills this month have been opening her mouth for "kisses", picking up food to put in her mouth, standing in her crib, floundering like a fish out of water during diaper changes, and saying buh-by.

We are enjoying our days with her so much! She has continued being super smiley with the sweetest giggles.
Happy 10 months baby girl!

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