Tuesday, July 05, 2011

"Do not give to dogs what is sacred; Do not throw your pearls to pigs" Matt. 7:6

Today I walked from the bathroom to the living room (this is not a long distance) with a pair of pearl stud earrings in my hand. I sat Isabella down on the living room rug and went to put on my earrings. When I opened my hand, only one was there. I did not hear the sound of one dropping on the wood floor or tile. Since then, I have torn up my house looking for it. I feel sick to my stomach about it. It's just stuff right? Except they are the pearls that Michael gave me for our first Christmas with Isabella. Our first Christmas as a family of three. My first Christmas as a Mom. I love them. They are so special and meaningful to me. They are simple and beautiful and I wear them all the time. Still just stuff, but meaningful stuff. If I don't find it, it doesn't mean I'm not still a Mom, or that our Christmas was not as magical as it was. Those things can't be taken away...but I would just like to find it! I certainly did not throw my pearls to pigs!
I emailed Tiffany's customer service to see if they will sell one pearl rather than a pair, but I doubt that is very likely. Let me know if you have any good searching tips.
I am considering the horror of mashing through Isabella's poop just to be sure it wasn't somehow swallowed...

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