Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Something I'm very thankful for is Isabella's health. Sure, she has had some mild colds, has thrown up, struggled with teething, but in the grand scheme of illness those things are small.

She had a hemoglobin test at her one year appointment and her iron count came back low. So low, that they said it could mean she needed a transfusion. To be sure it was accurate, I had to take her to a lab to get her blood drawn. No big deal, except that I HATE getting my own blood taken and become nauseous and panicked every time. Let alone, that this time I had to pin my child against my body while she screamed and writhed for me to let her go so they could get her blood. I felt like I was really brave because I held her tight so they could get their work done. I tried not to cry, but I just couldn't help it. Our super "caring" nurse made it even better when she looked at me and said "really?".
Um, yes, really...I'm crying. Thanks for pointing it out.
Long story short, they said they must not have got the sample correctly the first time from the finger prick and her level from the blood draw was in the normal range. At first I was angry that we had gone through the blood draw for nothing due to them not getting the test right in the first place, but later I was just grateful that she is OK.

Isabella as we were about to head home from the doctor.
(And if you feel like commenting on this picture as others did- Yes, I know that her chest clip is not high enough. I took this picture before I tightened straps and raised the clip- thankyouverymuch.)

Anyway, it was a terrible experience for both of us, and it left me thinking a lot. I thought about clients I have worked with that had a terminally ill child or children that were sick for a long time and died. My heart always broke for them, but even more now having my own child. I can't imagine a life where blood draws, doctors, and hospitals are a routine part of life. Seeing your child be in pain and terrified is a terrible experience. I am so thankful that our sicknesses so far have been limited to some runny noses and congestion.

She hasn't felt good over the past week or so and has been a bit of a crab some days. You can see it in her eyes in this picture. This day she just wanted to be held, so I held her a lot and wore her in the sling while I vacuumed and picked up the house. A new tooth has cut through so hopefully she will feel better soon.

And this day, she wasn't having it that daddy needed to cook dinner and couldn't hold her. So on she went and dinner got made.

Michael has had to work late this week and we have missed him.
I was thankful to his Dad for keeping Isabella on the night I had work. My mom hung out with us two other nights this week. We had fun and it made the time on our own go by faster. I don't know how single parents make it. They have my utmost respect.

I'm thankful for our families, my dear friends, and my life that is blessed in so many ways.