Saturday, October 22, 2011

concrete jungle where dreams are made of...

Our family in Times Square

An amazing pumpkin whoopie pie! (Happy 30th birthdays to us!)

Lady liberty

By our picnic spot in Central park

Our little Joey

The Mall in Central Park

By the boat house in Central Park.

We are home from our week in New York City. Whew! Much different than our last trip there, but still very good. Last time when we came home Michael was itching to move there. Now I think we understand why many people move out of the city after having kids.
We had one day of rain and the other days were beautiful, sunny, light jacket weather. Isabella traveled like a champ, especially today when we were traveling for 11 hours, and on the same plane-without getting off for 8! I was terrified a bad meltdown was coming and several points, but it never did.
Anyway, I am off to soak in the bath and then eat my last delicious pumpkin whoopie pie from the Magnolia Bakery before crawling into my glorious bed!
I will post about my favorite things we did later. Goodnight and BOOMER SOONER!

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