Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy hump day

Have you seen the huge full moon this week? I love it.

Today is a big day as it was the grand opening of the OKC WHOLE FOODS! I told Isabella all about it on our way there. It wasn't as crazy busy as I had thought it might be. The parking lot was completely full. I strapped Isabella to me and started walking. Then a man on a golf cart came and shuttled us over. Kind of crazy! There were police to direct traffic and everything.

You can tell how much she was soaking in this unique experience! :)


Loved these heirloom tomatoes! They would make a fabulous bruschetta.

I also loved their huge variety of pumpkins!

The white Cinderella pumpkins were my favorite.

The make and take salad bar looked great, as did the pizza. I didn't buy anything, just browsed and checked it all out. Which I think officially makes me old that checking out a new grocery store was enjoyable! I look forward to going back and picking up some fun things or trying dinner there.

I took the girls to the park before nap today. It was breezy, sunny, and perfect.

They are both getting so big and wanting to explore more!

My baby has some new teeth coming, fussed a good part of the day, and did not nap well. We were both happy for dad to be home!

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