Tuesday, October 25, 2011

NYC Favorites: Where to eat

1. The burger joint. The burger joint is a little burger place tucked behind a curtain in the lobby of the Le Parker Meridien hotel. Great burgers, great fries, with an insider feel to it. It was packed both times we've been there.

2. The tuck shop.

What is this a picture of? An authentic Australian meat pie- just like I remember from childhood, made by real Australians. (Don't knock it until you try it). There are three locations in NYC, this time we went to one in the Chelsea Markets. (I loved the Chelsea Markets, its totally worth checking out). The Tuck Shop also has a variety of pies, sausage rolls, AND lamingtons!

3. Jacques Torres. This is a chocolate shop that sells chocolates (obviously), hot drinks, and cookies. Their chocolate chip cookie was featured in the NY Times a few years ago and is acclaimed on blogs to be "the best in NYC". While I did not get to try every chocolate chip cookie in NYC, it was pretty amazing. There is a store in Rockefeller Center and also at the Chelsea Market.

I will be trying the recipe!

4. John's Pizzeria. Awesome NY style pizza in Times Square. So good!

5. 5 Napkin Burger. We went to 5 Napkin Burger in Hell's Kitchen. It was loud and busy with a fun atmosphere. Michael got a lamb burger, that surprisingly to me, was really good.

I was going to have a burger, but saw someone else's mac and cheese, and decided to go for it. It was delicious with macaroni, cheddar, gruyere, parmesan cream, and crispy croutons. So good, but I couldn't finish it.

6. Serendipity 3. Depending on who helps you here, you may get the feel that they are doing you a favor by letting you be there. But, it is worth the visit for the frozen hot chocolate and their carrot cake is also amazing. We ate dinner there this time. I wasn't sure if their food would be good or if they were just well known for their desserts. But our dinner was good and everyone else at our table really liked theirs also.

We got the frozen mint hot chocolate.
Isabella loved it. :)

7. The lobster place. Also in the Chelsea Markets, Michael had a lobster roll from here and I had their lobster bisque. Both were excellent.

8. Bouchon Bakery. This place has taken over the Dean and Deluca store in Rockefeller Center. We didn't try any of their baked goods, which looked amazing, but their Mocha was one of the best we have ever had.

That's it for the places I would want to return to. Obviously we need to track down where the best salads are in NYC and track those down for some veggies to add to the mix. If you know of a good place let me know!

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