Monday, October 10, 2011


We spent this past weekend in Branson. That meant 5 hours in the car each way. For the most part Isabella did well, but it seemed like a bad sign when 30 minutes down the road she was signing "all done" and reaching her arms out for me to hold her. But we made it there and back without too many tears. Here are the highlights in pictures:

I would venture a guess that one of the highlights from Isabella's point of view was getting to share a hot fudge shake with Mama at Braums, on the road. She loves those shakes, just like me!

Friday night we decided to walk to dinner instead of drive. This meant a very hilly 20 minutes each way walk, but we got to see the "sights" of Branson, and get some exercise after being in the car.

We were tempted to stop and eat at this crazy chicken house, but we pressed on toward Fudruckers.

We went swimming that night, and Isabella was delighted! She splashed and splashed!

We watched the sun burst over the Ozarks Saturday morning from our hotel room.

After breakfast we headed out to Silver Dollar City. We were there for an event with Michael's work so the three of us were decked out in OC shirts. SDC was decked out for fall which I LOVED as I love all things holiday-ish! I've heard they go crazy decorating for Christmas too with a parade and everything- which would be fun.

Hanging out.
We borrowed this bjorn from our friends (*thanks*) which we both loved and probably need to scour craigslist for one of our own!

It was a beautiful fall day!

By the afternoon, our little eagle could take no more, and had a nap in the stroller.

On Sunday we went to church in a outdoor amphitheater at SDC. It was another beautiful day. I could get used to having church outside, in great weather, with the breeze blowing, huge leaves falling slowing, singing my heart out! :)

The view from my seat.

And Isabella...well she fought the good fight, but ended up falling asleep during church in her daddy's arms.

After the service we walked around some more and took some pictures in the pumpkin patch before heading home.

And then Isabella decided it would be fun to eat the pumpkins, which was our cue to move on.

Awkward family photo material?

I love getting to spend lots of time as the three of us, so it was a good weekend, even with the stress that traveling can sometimes bring.

Happy fall, and have a good week!

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