Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall is here and winter is coming

I've been watching the forecast this week and seeing the 30 degree temperature drop that was coming. I enjoy changing of the seasons, but love being able to be outside too. So we went downtown Tuesday night to check out the renovated Myriad Gardens, as it looked like it was going to be the last warm evening for a while. We gave Isabella her bath before we went and got her ready for bed, so she would be all ready when we got home.

I always come home from big cities wanting to get out and about more in our city. The renovation is really well done! There are a lot less trees, but it feels more open, there are a lot more places for seating for concerts and picnics, and the new splash area looked like lots of fun.

From the gardens we walked over to Pinkitzel.

We shared a coconut cream cupcake.

It was dark on our walk back, so we got to see the crystal bridge all lit up.

In December there are some nights that the crystal bridge is open for free with music and hot drinks. We usually go with my dad and it is a fun, free thing to do.

It is a cold, rainy, fall day today, and I'm loving it!

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