Monday, October 03, 2011

Our week in review

Last week:
On Monday we read books and played at the library before I had to go to work.

There is a park right outside the library and for the first time, in the many times we have been the library, we stopped to play and swing there.

Another day we met up with friends for a walk, playing at the park, and cupcakes!

Michael had some busy evenings last week so I took over bath time those nights. Those bracelets from her party have been everywhere, even to the bath now.

My cousin and her daughter came over to play one day and brought Isabella a toy that Chelsea had loved. Isabella has played with it every day. She loves opening the window and peeking out at me. It makes me smile every time.

The weekend finally came, and Saturday we had Isabella's one year pictures with our friend Courtney Waugh. Here is a sneak peek at one. I love seeing her baby teeth in this one.

We went to dinner at Mama Roja, which we love. Isabella played with these red bracelets I was wearing through the whole dinner. She loved the guacamole.

One of my favorite things about being at lake hefner is enjoying the lake, but look how low it is! Those boats are completely out of water! We need some rain.

We came home, and after Isabella was in bed, I enjoyed all things fall. With the windows open and candles burning I finished putting out my fall decorations. I didn't get out as much as I usually do with having a baby around to check everything out- and put it in her mouth.
I baked my favorite pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and simmered some apple cider and mullings spice. It was glorious.

Sunday was gorgeous so after Isabella's nap we headed to the zoo. The grizzly bears were more active than I have ever seen them.

And I haven't been quite ready for her party to be over. So one of her banners is hanging in our house and I hung the tissue pom poms over her bed just for fun.

We have a busy week ahead and are traveling over the weekend, so I loved being home and enjoying our home this past weekend. Happy Monday!

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