Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The last of our Halloween celebrations have come and gone. Luckily I documented them. We had Trunk or Treat at our church last Sunday.
Isabella had a star painted on her hand and an OU on her cheek.

She loved jumping in the jump house

Waiting for her turn to play the "holy ghost" game. 

I've been loving the full moon this week. Perfect for a Halloween week!

On Halloween we didn't have much going on, so we made Halloween sugar cookies. Baking with a two year old is much different than doing it on my own. I tried to be patient with her and just let it be fun as she would smash her fingers all in the dough like it was play doh. We made a colossal mess...but had fun doing it.  I think her favorite part was the rolling and sprinkles.

 The plate we took up to daddy's work.

That night Michael's family brought over hideaway pizza, we ate, and then got out the costume for the last time. (Unless she wants to wear it around the house some time). We headed out for a quick trick or treat in our neighborhood before church, and not because she needed anymore candy. But I was excited to be able to take her. Last year at Halloween she was standing and taking a few steps, but not really walking. How much has changed!
Our cupcake ready to do her first trick or treat!

Walking up to the first house.
She looks so big! Once she figured out what was happening, she said "Let's go to another one!"

I kept smiling. I was so happy to watch her.

Happy Halloween!

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