Wednesday, October 03, 2012

State Fair!

We went to the state fair a couple weeks ago, I'm behind in posting, but that's how it is right now! :) My dad took Isabella and me while Michael was out of town, and then we went and again later in the week with friends.
 Isabella got to take in the glory that is the pig races.

And swifty...the swimming pig. (Since the fair, occasionally I'll hear her chanting: Go swifty go! Go swifty go!)

Sharing a cinnamon roll with Papa.

We stopped in a area that had rocks for a while. Playing in the rocks was a highlight for her. (Not sure why we even have toys). She also loved an exhibit of tractors.
She was super ornery that night.

Sharing some Wisconsin cheese. She was a fan!

We went to the AGtropolis where they have tiny chicks you can pet, and all kinds of other animals. Isabella was not a fan. She wanted to be held the whole time and kept saying, "all done, all done". I don't know if it was the crowds or the animals she didn't like...maybe next year. 

The only thing she did like in that building was a kids area where you could "plant seeds" (aka, play in sand), gather eggs, apples, pumpkins, and potatoes, and at the end you took your goods and had them weighed in exchange for a token. 

Several times since then she has said, 'Go to fair with papa?'. We had fun taking in the crazy sights and eating our favorite foods at the fair this year!

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