Saturday, October 20, 2012

Orr family farm

We went to the Orr Family Farm on Friday for some fall fun. 
Picking out her pumpkin

Riding the train. 
The train was broken when we first got there much to our kids dismay, and the train was the main reason I wanted to go to this pumpkin patch. Isabaella asked about 20 times..."Ride train? I ride train?" Luckily they fixed it while we were still there.
My mom was on fall break so she got to join us.

We had such a fun time! I love getting to make all of these fun memories with Isabella and experience life through her eyes.

2010- First year for the pumpkin patch. One month old. 

2011- 13 months old

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  1. so fun!! What a big girl picking out her own pumpkin! :)