Thursday, October 18, 2012


Michael left the hotel while we were sleeping to head to the OU/Texas game. (His friend took this great pic at the game).

The girls got up and ready, headed out for a yummy breakfast at Corner Bakery, and off on our own adventures.
Checking out the longhorn trail.

The carousel at Stonebriar mall.
My child is TERRIFIED of riding on an animal on a carousel. But she will ride on a bench.
Luckily there was a bench open. And there usually is, since most kids want to ride a horse.

She loved the play area and was able to get out some energy.
And later we rode the carousel a 3rd time.
We had a fun weekend in Texas with Michael's family. I was glad we won the game so the hillbilly's didn't come out to jeer us back to Oklahoma!

We get together with our old college friends every 2nd Sunday night of the month. We hosted at our house this time. I didn't get any pictures of us together.
After dinner Isabella painted a pumpkin. She was unsure what to do at first, and asked for some paper to paint on.

But after a while, she went after it.

I carved a pumpkin.

Happy Fall! 
 And now that I am finally posting...the next weekend is pretty much here!

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