Wednesday, October 10, 2012

24 months

24 Months marks the end of this monthly photo project. It has been fun to document all of the changes that happen so quickly over the first two years. It is amazing to watch a child go from being completely immobile, unable to sit up on their own, to crawling, walking, and now running. It is near impossible to keep her in the chair for a picture anymore. With each stage things seem to get easier in some ways and then there are also new challenges. These last two years of parenting have been some of the most challenging, growing, and rewarding years for me. Now that she is getting bigger and busier and I am grateful for all of the times I rocked and held her when she was small. The toddler years have already begun with many challenges and tests of my patience. I am finding it takes an enormous amount of creativity, patience, and consistency to parent my toddler and her emotions that can change at lightening speed, and some days I struggle in all of those areas. For the difficult and frustrating and the what-am-I-doing???!? times, there are equal amounts of laughter, joy, and fun. I am grateful for the lighthearted, fun partner I have to parent with.

At two you are constantly on the move. You love playing with blocks, your babies and stroller, blocks, painting, coloring, and playing outside. You love music and dancing, and are singing more songs now. At two you have traveled to several states all over America (Texas, Kansas, Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Louisiana, Tennessee, Illinois, and Missouri). You love your grandparents and spending time with them. You have a very fun personality and love to do silly things to try to make us laugh. You test your boundaries with me pretty much every day now, to see if I mean what I said or to see how I will respond. I know this is part of your developmental stage...but enough already. ;) You enjoy your bible class at church, going to the zoo and science museum, and going for walks. You are napping 2-3 hours every day, and love reading books before bed times. 
We love you so much, and tell you all the time. You will always be my sunshine. 
Love, Mommy

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