Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Celebrating two years!

We celebrated Isabella's birthday a couple Saturday's ago, which also fell on my Mom's 60th birthday! We kept her party to just family and a few friends as we knew we would have a houseful with that. 
My mom always makes number cookies for birthdays.

My sister came over the night before and helped me do several things, but the biggest was tackling these cupcakes. I used this recipe from Annie's Eats and with just cream cheese icing.

Eating her cupcake with her surrounded by her sea of presents.

I was happy how everything turned out for the party and couldn't have pulled it off without all of the help from Michael, my sister, and my cousin. Thanks everyone for coming and loving on our little girl and celebrating with us.

Her actual birthday was the next day, on Sunday. We had to wake her up to have time to eat breakfast to leave to go to my parent's church where Michael was speaking that morning.
 Michael cooked up our traditional number birthday pancakes.

We had lunch with my family to celebrate the September birthday (Michael, Mom, and Isabella).

Then we came home and spent the afternoon napping and checking out her new toys.
This was her birthday present from us and she has been loving her shopping cart. 
We went out to Hideaway that night with Michael's parents for our last celebration. It was a weekend of celebrating Isabella and I hope she felt loved. Happy birthday baby girl!

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  1. The party was so cute. Happy 2nd Izzy!