Tuesday, September 14, 2010


You may remember the incident that happened at our house a few weeks ago with our door being busted in. The saga with the door went on and on and involved many "discussions" with the company that did work on the door, a stop payment on the check we wrote to them, and statements such as 'you need to make this right'. We were still left with a job that was incomplete. I wasn't involved in the discussions, but it was stressful for Michael. A few days later he got a speeding ticket putting the crowning touch on a terrible, horrible, no good very bad week for him.

We were surprised last week to get a check in the mail for $163. Sounds like a random amount, but it is the exact amount of a speeding ticket that had been reduced from 12 over to 1-10 over and without the double penalty for speeding in a construction zone. A family member had heard about what happened and sent us a sweet card with money for the speeding ticket. We couldn't believe it. How generous!

I have been thinking the past few days about how generous people have been with us.
Michael's uncle came and fixed the outside of our door that was not completed by the original company. He wouldn't let Michael pay him for the supplies or anything. Our family and friends have showered us with gifts for our baby. It is all humbling and overwhelming to think about.

We have talked about ways we can be generous with others- through small or big ways. Being the recipients of the generosity of others it is exciting to think about passing that joy on to others.
Being generous doesn't always mean giving money. Giving the gift of your time, compassion, and talents to others is so meaningful. I encourage us all to find a way to "be generous" this week.

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  1. Sometimes it's so hard to know exactly what you could do to make someone's day. But isn't it funny how no matter what you do - it always works out that way?

    Glad someone was able to bless you!