Wednesday, September 01, 2010

36 weeks

I had my 36 week appointment yesterday. I arrived 5 minutes late, exhausted, not feeling well, and tearful. Isn't that the person you want walking in your office! Anyway, I left feeling much more at peace and that possibly I can do this for another 4 to 5 to however many weeks. This was my 3rd appointment at the midwife clinic and have felt good about every appointment. You can check out their bios here. The lady I saw the last two times could be my grandmother and feels so very calming and wise. It has been a real blessing to me. Yesterday she validated some of the things that feel really difficult right now and put me back in perspective of why we have made the choices we have for our family. My baby will come in her own time, and that will be what is best for her.

So over the next month-or how ever long I have-I plan to blog about the moments we are enjoying presently and work as hard as I can to relish each day rather than wish for the future. While I will still feel excitement and readiness about what is to come I want to slow down and enjoy now. John Lennon once said "Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans". Which I think is sad, but often so true. I don't think it is bad to plan for the future, set goals, and look forward to things. But, as with everything, I think there needs to be balance. Join me in focusing on enjoying your life for what you experience today, no matter how mundane or wonderful, and regardless of if you wish you were experiencing something different in your life.

*Someone can remind me of this when I talking about how I am so over being pregnant, exhausted from being awake all night going to the bathroom and not being able to get comfortable, and complaining about how bad my back hurts from carrying a bowling ball in my stomach. Or maybe you better not! :)


  1. you are so right. I have been wishing for every break that I get off work...but if I keep wishing for weeks to pass by, my little girl is going to grow up before my eyes. its good to enjoy life now.

    and you mentioned how you don't get sleep...people used to say..."if you don't sleep now, just wait til you have the baby, then you won't sleep at all"...WELL let me tell you, I got MORE sleep after K was born because my body wasn't huge and I COULD sleep without having to pee every second. ha. so if anyone's said that to you, don't listen to them!! :) of course you won't sleep much after the baby is here, but its still a better rest than being uncomfortable all night long! I had to start avoiding people because everyone had their own "comments."

  2. I am glad to hear you say that because that is what I keep thinking. Although I will be getting up in the night with a baby, hopefully I won't be peeing every hour, tossing and turning, constantly moving from the couch to the bed, and having aching hips and back! Surely even though it will still be broken up sleep it will be a lot more comfortable!

    Everyone does have their own comments and opinions! I understand the avoiding, there are some days I don't want to hear anymore "advice" and I'm sure that will just increase as the next few weeks go by! :)