Monday, August 30, 2010

Another day at home

Friday my throat started hurting a little and by the end of the night I was really hoarse. Saturday I decided to go to the doctor as my throat felt swollen shut and my chest was so tight and full of mucus. (Lovely...I know). I rarely go to the doctor, but being 9 months pregnant and tired all the time I just didn't have the energy to feel bad. I guess when you go to an after hours place to see a doctor you get what you get and are grateful someone was able to see you. The doctor who saw me was less than friendly. His diagnosis was: "You have a viral infection- nothing I can do to help you with that, take some vitamin C, and I am giving you an antibiotic for the junk in your urine." Seriously, the "junk in my urine"? I am all for layman's terms, but that seemed a bit much.

I stayed home all day yesterday and rested, hoping I would be in good shape for the week. But this morning I still have a sore throat, no voice, and I am spending the day at home again. I don't have sick leave or paid time off, so I was hoping to make it to work today.
Instead, I am resting and writing a few thank you notes. There are some friends I would love to call and catch up with...but they wouldn't be able to hear me. I guess this is a good practice for patience in things I can't control- such as when my baby will decide to join us.

A bright spot today was a visit from my dad. He brought by some great vitamin C and immune supplements that I have used in the past, soup, throat lozenges, AND gave me a foot massage.

Thanks so much Dad! He is so sweet with me and I can't wait to see him with my little girl. Tomorrow begins week 36!

*I asked if I was contagious and if it was a problem that I had held and been around two babies Friday. The Dr. said, "No, just stay away from people with AIDS or taking cancer treatment". That was all the info he gave me, so I hope things are fine!


  1. So Sorry you were sick! We were quite the sick pair this weekend but luckily mine was over with fast. Hopefully it doesn't seem we cross contaminated each other.

    What a sweet thing your dad did for you. Even when your a mom its still feels so good to be taken care of by our parents. When your sick there's just nothing that feels better than that!

  2. I have had that hoarse voice sore throat going on lately too...that must be going around! I hope you get to feeling better soon. I know how everything is way worse when you are pregnant. I hope you were able to relax. that is awesome of your dad! And H is so right...parents are the ONLY ones who can make things better sometimes! Isn't it neat to know that YOU will be that person to Isabella??! :) love you!