Friday, August 27, 2010

How long does it take to break into your house?

When I am at work and in session my phone goes on silent, and I don't look at it. It's always a bit unsettling to look at your phone and have multiple missed calls and texts from your spouse.

Luckily, being the pregnant one, I knew we weren't going into labor. The last text I had read: "So sorry...we needed a new back door anyway."

WHAT? This was the first night of Michael's class so I knew he wasn't going to be available if I called back. So I headed home to see this...


and finally:

on the side door in our kitchen.

The rest of the story:

Michael came home between work and class and locked the doors to the house when he left for school. He then realized the keys to his car AND the house were still inside the house. He tried to call me multiple times, but as mentioned I was not available. Up until a few weeks ago we had 60 year old windows on our house that he had figured out how to jimmy open and get in the house. But we replaced those. With very little time until his first class started, what else was there to do? In less than 5 minutes, by throwing his shoulder into the side door of our house repeatedly, he busted the door down. I would think this would cause some pain and great soreness, but he says he is fine.

As we talked over cake that night after class I wondered when this will be something we laugh about. Not sure we are laughing quite yet, but we will.

Lessons learned:

*If you ever need a pre-hung door installed it will be in the neighborhood of $550
*We will be hiding a key outside our house somewhere ASAP!

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  1. I was going to tell you a great place to hide a key but if I typed it here someone might read it and then break into your house....because we all know how many thieves read blogs to try and do this very thing! So instead I'll wait and tell you in person.