Saturday, September 11, 2010

Time with friends

I wanted to spend some time with girlfriends before Isabella came, and so my sister hosted some of my friends over at her apartment today. I forgot to take a picture before we started eating, but the table was really pretty with lots of yummy food.

I also forgot to take a picture while every one was there. I can only remember so much these days!

Heather made cute flower decorations and had a clothesline with some clothes hanging for Isabella.

The adorable cookies she had ordered!

I am so looking forward to meeting my little girl, but life will be very different carrying her around with me on the outside. It was really special to me to be able to have this time with friends. Thanks for everything Sister!

A few days away from 38 weeks...we are getting so close!


  1. aww, is this the H&M Mamma shirt from Garmisch? You look so very cute and what a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon! Love ya!

  2. Yes it is! Thanks for sending it! I was glad to have something comfy and cute to wear!