Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter 2014

Here is a packed Easter catch up post...

We had a night with our Mitchell family to decorate eggs again this year.

I love all of the colors!

Izzy was sick the day we were headed to a friend's Easter party. So that evening we made our own resurrection rolls
They aren't kidding when they tell you to make sure you pinch them closed securely!! The marshmallows spilled out of all of them except one. Whoops! So I moved it to a plate to serve so that, as a friend said- the burnt bodies of Jesus weren't there for my kid to see. Haha!

Looking to see if the marshmallow/Jesus is in the "tomb".


Saturday before Easter we had a brunch at my mom's house. 
And more egg hunting


Sunday morning she rushed in to tell me her Easter basket had been filled. So we went to check it out. 
She was pretty pumped.

Then we opened the last Resurrection egg and read our story. "It's empty!!" she's saying. :)

Egg "hunt" at church. It was more of just gathering! She had fun filling her basket til it was over flowing!

Sweet friends...most of the time! ;)  

Before we headed off to family lunch everyone was kind enough to indulge me in some pictures. 

Benjamin's first Easter!

The best I could get of them together!

 Easter 2014

We had a great and full day with family and church friends celebrating Easter.
This was our first year to do resurrection eggs to countdown to Easter and Isabella really enjoyed doing them and seemed to get more of Jesus' journey to the cross, death, and resurrection. She was pretty disappointed the day after when she realized Easter was over and we were finished.

So grateful for my family and this life we've been given!

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