Wednesday, May 07, 2014

April 21st-30th

April 21st- Nothing. I ended up being so sick this day, I was at work at had to lay on my couch and sleep until some of the nausea passed so I could sit upright in my car long enough to drive home, got home and laid down the rest of the night. Whomp whomp.

April 22nd: Still didn't feel great. Ventured out after the kid's bedtime to target for a few essentials. So it was either a phone pic from this day or nothing again.

April 23rd: Benny being playful with Izzy at dinnertime.

April 24th: Terrible day and night with Benjamin cutting a tooth. Late night walgreens run.

April 25th: 12 month pictures! Last of the sticker ties! :( CanNOT believe a year has gone by! He was still not feeling very well this day and not very happy for pictures. He just wanted me to hold him.

April 26th: The birthday boy!! He was very overwhelmed and hesitant at first with every one gathering around and singing happy birthday. But he calmed down pretty quick.

April 27th: Playing with his new water table. Much better than playing in the toilet! (His favorite found trick this last month!!!)

 April 28th: OETA day at the capitol

 April 29th: After his 12 month shots. He did not like those shots, but sure loved his first sucker!

April 30th: Benny's first time to ride in the car shopping cart with Izzy.

Several phone pics this last series. Hoping to practice more with my camera in the coming month!


  1. Rhett got his shots in the goose room too!

  2. haha love that look Izzy is giving the cat in the hat!