Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Benjamin's First Birthday!

A walk through April 26th celebrating Benjamin's 1st birthday:
I went out running early in the morning while everyone was still asleep. When I got home Michael and Isabella were awake. We went in together to see B when we heard him wake up.
Good morning birthday boy! (little brother problems- having to use your sister's purple pacifier. It was at least a new one I found in a package...)

Daddy  made birthday pancakes for breakfast.

Chowing down on his #1. We cut it up and added a touch a syrup.

Opening his card and gifts from us. Well, he ripped at the card and big Sister took over opening his gifts.

Mom came over to decorate the cakes and brought her number cookies.

Banner with his monthly tie pictures.

His lion smash cake

Michael grilled burgers for lunch. And after we ate it was time for cake! 

He was not so sure about everyone crowding around and singing...


He took a few little licks of cake.

Then some bigger tastes...

I baked and my mom decorated. So happy with how the cakes turned out!

Bath time to get cleaned up!

Present time!

Trying out his new chair from Nana and Cappy!

Playing in his water table from Mimi and Papa. Much better to splash in there than in the toilet!

Post party crash! While the kids napped Mom treated me to sonic drinks and pedicures!! So nice!

Trying his first sopapilla...he was a big fan!
For dinner we went to Alfredo's as they have some of his favorite foods.
It was a full and happy day. At bedtime I rocked him reflecting on this day a year ago and how much has happened and changed in the course of a year. Hard to believe that tiny baby has already turned one! So grateful for my sweet little man! Happy, happy birthday Benjamin Gray!

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