Friday, April 04, 2014

11 Months

11 months!!!!  I am feeling all kinds of nostalgia as we are closing in on one year! I have started planning your party and am getting excited about celebrating a year with you in our family.

At 11 months you are crawling as fast as you can, pulling up on everything, getting in to everything you can, you waved for the first time, and had your 2nd plane trip. You love, love baths still. You have figured out how to stand at the bathtub in my bathroom and turn the water on. It makes you so proud every time you do it! You have become a bit challenging with food. You refuse baby food most of the time now, but occasionally surprise me and down it quickly like you love it. Some foods you have tried this month and really liked are: hamburgers, pumpkin waffles, corn, bread, guacamole, hummus chips, and pizza. We will have to work on your fruit and veggie intake! You are being a little picky! You have started drinking smoothies with fruit and spinach in a straw and been loving those. You are still waking up at night to nurse and nursing consistently throughout the day. Isabella started sleeping through the night at 11 months, so I keep thinking any night now it will happen. But you may each do your own thing.

You babble a lot sometimes. But the only sounds that sound like words are Mama, Dada, and sometimes I think you say more. You sign all done when I'm changing your diaper or sometimes when you see baby food.

You have such a happy, sweet soul with a great laugh when you really get going. :)

What's a photo shoot without a sister photo bomb? It's a little too much to have brother getting all of the attention! ;)

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